3 Fall Must-Have Accessories

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Fall has finally creped in; and what better way to spice up a dull outfit then with some basic must have accessories. As accessories can bring something as simple as a plain t-shirt and jeans to a whole new leave. Accessories have been a major staple in this years Fall/Winter style, from oversized jumpers to shinny boots and quirky hats… I have gathered 3 of my favorite must have’s that in my opinion bring a super boring outfit back to life.

  1. Ankle Boots:

My all time Fall/Winter favorite! They are staple in my wardrobe; they literally spice up any outfit. They add a super great character to any outfit. I usually prefer the ones with a small heel, as it gives you just a little bit of height boost without the paid of high hells!

  1. Silk Neck Scarf:

I have noticed it being featured in a lot of shows lately. They are super chic and can instantly transform your outfit. It is affordable and can be worn a lot of different ways; as a scarf on your neck, wrest, wrapped around your purse and etc.…

  1. Hats:

Been obsessing over these Beret hats, they look stylish yet comfy. They give you that edgy kind of look at the same time perfect for those bad hair days.

What are your favorite accessories to rock this fall?

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  • Silk scarves are probably the most trendy right now, but I’m not sure those would provide the desired amount of warmth. That said, Stella McCartney Pegasus scarf is amazing! I hope I see more scarves like that around. I feel ‘art-inspired’ clothing is going to be making waves soon.

    The Beret hats, I do like the look of it but I get annoyed with the lack of ear coverage, specially if you live in sub zero temperatures.

  • You are totally right; they don’t really proved that amount of warmth especially for some colder area’s; that being said it is much preferable when its not that cold. The same applied to the Beret hats but you gotta love them; they’re just to cute to resist.
    I would love it if art inspired clothing became I think, I am a huge fan of arts and fashion and would love to see it being incorporated in our day to day lifestyle!

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