3 Beauty Tips from 3 Generations

Hello Beautiful People,

When it comes to beauty advice, the best tips are not necessarily the newest, however the oldest that both our mothers and grandmothers swore by. We all have been handed beauty advice from our moms and grandmas over time, which are probably some of the best beauty secrets you have ever adhered.

Our moms and grandmas might not be specialist however, if you think of it; they have lived a lot longer than us and have made a lot of mistakes along the way thus learning from those mistakes and advising us to simply avoid them, from glowing skin to silky hair, pearly teeth to wrinkles!

To celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day, I have pulled up 3 beauty tips passed down through 3 generations.

  1. Boomers (late 50s-60s)

Use olive oil to hydrate and remove makeup is a tip my grandmother keeps telling me and my mom for years now, it’s something she believes in and has been using for years now.

  1. Generation X (40’s- early 50s)

Growing up my mom has always taught me the essence of hydration and antioxidants and how these two elements are the key to healthy looking skin; among all beauty tips she has given me, one of the most important one to this date is the use of Vaseline for dry lips. Vaseline can be a savior for dry skin if used twice a day; morning and night.

  1. Younger Millennials (20s)

Something I swear by and keep telling everyone about which is coconut oil DIY hair mask for hydration, for someone who lives in a very humid area with frizz prone hair; coconut oil is the one thing that saves me.

What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever learned?

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