Trends I am loving

Hello my beautiful brunettes,

Trends can be tricky at times, I would label my style as a ‘minimalist’ because I like my clothes fairly neutral, while I am always watching to see what things are trending; I don’t fill my closet with all the latest trends, I rather have a foundation of classic pieces that I use to mix and match all year round.

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Basic Makeup Brushes Everyone Needs

Hello Everyone,

Todays most asked question is: ‘What makeup brush do I really need?’ Well, that’s a good question! A question I have asked myself many times before, getting started with makeup you will be sucked into getting thousands of different brushes, but unless you’re a professional, you don’t really need a collection of a thousand makeup brushes; you really just need a handful. Seriously!

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Everything to buy for Fall

Hello my trendsetters,

I hate to break it up to you, but summer is coming to an end! Can you believe that it’s almost winter? Where did summer go? Luckily I live on the hotter side of the planet so I get to soak up a little more sun for a few more weeks (if not months). 

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